Functional Art by Alexander Uritsky 

Hand Made in Doylestown, Pennsylvania 


[Update 2/19] : If you received a tracking number over the weekend and today, your order will be dropped off to UPS on Wednesday morning. Another large wave of orders will be headed out next week— check your emails for tracking. Much love, Alex 

[Update 2/3] : The Artemis pre-orders wildly exceeded my expectations!

I am simply blown-away by the demand, and my gratitude for all of you is immense and bright! I thank everyone with all my heart! Truly— Thank you! 

With so many Pre-Orders: I will be closing purchasing for the Artemis within the next 4 days. 

Artemis ordering will only re-open as soon as I satisfy all pre-orders. Pre-Orders start shipping in 10 days based off invoice number.

Truly, Thank you again! I love you guys and gals! 



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