ProsperCare Insurance & Claims Center

What is ProsperCare Insurance?

ProsperCare Insurance is the easiest solution to protecting your valuable glass investment— a hassle-free service provided by Enjoy & Prosper.

With ProsperCare, you can have peace-of-mind for a full two years, backed by full coverage damage protection. 

For example, if your Apollo were to accidentally drop, and your mouthpiece chips— kindly, take a photo of the damage, fill out the form below, a couple small steps, and you will have a brand new replacement in the mail! Simple as that! 

You will have the option to reinsure your new replacement product at a later point in your claims process. This is not mandatory but recommended. 

It’s really as simple as that!

Maintain Peace of Mind—with ProsperCare



How long is the ProsperCare coverage? 

Two (2) years total, starting at the moment of your delivery. 

Can I reinsure my new replacement glass?

Yes! More information will be sent to you after you start your claim. 

What damage is covered under ProsperCare?

Any and all damage! From an ugly scratch, a chipped edge, or completely shattered into pieces— ProsperCare has you covered! 

Need to Start a Claim?

Let’s get you started on your replacement glass process! Please fill out the form below, and you will receive an email starting your claim. 

While you wait for an email response: snap a photo of your damaged product with a time stamp. The time stamp* must feature your Name and Current Date. You will need to provide this photo at a later time for ProsperCare verification. Further instruction will be sent to your email.         (*A time stamp is a piece of paper that has your name and date written on it, clearly being displayed in your photo)

Kindly include the following information into the message section below: 

• Order Number (Skip if you don’t have it)

• Product Name 

• Brief description of the damage 


     Start A ProsperCare Claim