Nuclear Apollo | Crushed Opal Mouth Piece Hand Carved FOCUS V Carta 2 Top

Nuclear Apollo | Crushed Opal Mouth Piece Hand Carved FOCUS V Carta 2 Top

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The Nuclear Apollo

The Nuclear Apollo— a Luxury Focus V Carta 2 top.

Featuring a Neon Green Carved Crystal Core with a gorgeous Crushed Opal Black Mouth Piece. 

A gorgeous, ultra thick outer body is built with durability and longevity in mind. The interior core, ultra-thick, and elegantly hand carved to provide exquisite refractory properties from your LED lights— allowing for a lovely play of simmering lights during function.

The Nuclear Apollo features three scientifically drilled out holes allowing for optimal function, noticed by many as being a top of the line performer compared to others. 

What You Will Receive:

  • The Nuclear Apollo Focus Carta V2 Top
  • (Optional): Protective Hard Case 

Dimensions: 4 Inches Tall 




Your new Nuclear Apollo is produced per order; satisfying it’s luxury status with strict individual care.

Your Nuclear Apollo is produced exclusively by Alexander Uritsky, through-out all processes, including flame-working and hand carving.

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What is ‘ProsperCare’ Insurance?:

’ProsperCare’ Insurance is the easiest and fastest way to protect your luxury investment! If anything were to happen to your Nuclear Apollo, just message us and we will replace it with a brand new one, right away! It’s as simple as that— and, it’s for a two year coverage, so you won’t have to worry anytime soon! 

Looking for a Custom Color Apollo? Message the artist on Instagram to start the process of making your dream Apollo Today! Just search for, EnjoyandProsperGlass. ONLY follow and message the Instagram handle with the blue check mark!