Terms & Conditons

Before completing your purchase with Enjoy & Prosper, please read and agree to the following terms & conditions:

1) I understand that this is a handmade product with high demand, each product is MADE TO ORDER, and may take up to 45 days to complete.   (Most orders are completed in less then 45 days. This is set in place to discourage impatient clients from purchasing. This saves me a bunch of time from responding to instant chats, and allows me to have more hours behind the torch creating beautiful glass. If you do not have time to wait— please don’t order. If you can wait, you will be rewarded with a quality piece that will last many years! I pride on quality, not speed.)  

2) I understand Enjoy & Prosper does NOT offer any refunds or cancellations. There are no exceptions to this rule. 

3) I understand all packages are picked up by UPS on Wednesday’s at 6pm at the E&P Facility. Please allow tracking 24 hours to update. 

(It is recommended to film your unboxing!)

4) I have read, acknowledged, and agreed to all above conditions. 


Enjoy & Prosper, LLC, is a company run by one award-winning Glass Artist— Alexander Uritsky.
Enjoy & Prosper, LLC was established in October 2016. 

All processes of Enjoy & Prosper are managed and executed by Alexander Uritsky— including all glass production, order fulfillment, client communication, and more.