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Thank you for the incredible support for the Artemis! Due to an unprecedented number of orders this week, I need to pause sales for now. Rest assured, I’ll make them available again as soon as I catch up on outstanding orders.


Happy 7/10!

As a token of gratitude for your continued support, I’m thrilled to announce a special promotion: I’ll be refunding every 4th order placed from now until September 1st!

Simply make a purchase during this period, and if you’re the fourth customer, you’ll receive a full refund for your order, no matter its cost. It’s my way of saying thank you for your love and support! Don’t miss out on the chance to potentially get your order for free!

(Rules: One Win per Collector.)


The Artemis is compatible with the MAX atomizer when paired with the MAX adapter ring and AERIS silicone bumper.

MAX Adapter Ring: Click Here


Holy Moly— such a brutally hot summer!! Thank you for your continued patience’s as I combat this heat. 

The 3D Printing farm is going back online shortly, and I will have those beautiful bases and stabilizers, that I had available in 2021-22, for purchase & gifting again!! 


Hi everyone! A bunch of trackers went out over the last few nights. Check your inbox or junk folder. If you have any questions about your order status, please feel free to email me at anytime. You can also find me on Facebook or Instagram. 

I was planning on dropping new products this month, but due to the amount of orders I have right now— I do not believe it would be respectful to release new products with so many collectors waiting on their current orders. Once I get down to a reasonable amount of outstanding orders I’ll release new stuff. 


Wow— so many new collectors each day! I am grateful for all the new orders; surprisingly averaging about 4 a day now, compared to last year at one/two a day. It’s absolutely wild & I’m honored! Thank you! (Whomever is advertising my work— “I love you!”)

For all of the new collectors, Welcome!— & just a reminder, this is a small business run by one glass artist. That’s me— Alexander! All messages, production, packing, and everything else is done entirely by me. Thank you again for your support! 

Now onto the production side: 

Please remain patient with me as I crush out these orders. This summer has been relentless with the heat, and at night the facility reaches 100+ degrees with the A/C running. (night shift glassblowing until fall time)

Sending out more tracking over this weekend; check your inbox or junk folder. 

Also, I am still having issues with the chat app. Their customer support is awful & hasn’t been of help. I do not want to get rid of it entirely, so try the chat app, and if it doesn’t say “delivered” ; please email me. I will continue to work on this issue. 


A ton of tracking numbers were sent out last Friday and Saturday night. Those are being picked up this Wednesday. Check your email; sometimes they get lost in the junk folder. 

Prepping more orders tonight. Check for tracking towards the end of the week. 

Help! Ive been told the chat feature has been acting up.

Seems to work on my end, but I’d love to hear from you. If you have any feedback on the chat feature, please email me— it would mean the most.

Also, exciting news! 
— remember when Shopify took away Quick-book Payments (debit & credit payment) months ago… Well, I never quit on this issue. I know how annoying it is not to be able to quickly use your debit/credit card to checkout. 

With immense gratitude, a new payment processing company is willing to work with me & is proud to support functional artwork. I have a few more papers to finish with them through the week; & I’ll be able to accept debit & credit again. 

Thats all for now— much love! 



Successful first week on the night shift schedule! I love how much work I can get done without daily  distraction. It’s wonderful!

Another huge round of boxes went out on Wednesday—17 more happy collectors!

Currently prepping for another round of orders to head out this coming Wednesday (6/5). 

Check for tracking on Monday or Tuesday! 


IMPORTANT : I am officially on a Night-time Glassblowing Schedule. This is in effect now, and will end in September.

Tonight is my first night shift of Spring/Summer 2024.

I will be responded to all new emails, direct messages, and any other forms of communication through-out the new hours of operation.

All glass production will be done at night to combat heat, keeping electricity costs low due to limited a/c requirements, and will allow me to continue keeping my glass prices within low ranges. 

The UPS truck will continue to pick up boxes from the shop every Wednesday, now at an earlier time to accommodate the new hours.

SPRING/SUMMER 2024 | Hours of Operation:

10pm - 10am EST          Monday through Friday

10pm - 8am  EST           Saturday

MY DAY OFF                  Sunday



I am grateful to say I am back in the shop! I got back in on Monday from a well needed rest. I feel refreshed, motivated, and ready to crush out glass again! I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding; and a huge thank you for all the well-wishes. 

Artemis are back in production. My custom sizing tool has arrived from overseas just in time as I got back into the shop. The production bottleneck is now over, and there should be no more wasted 2nd quality Artemis due to size intolerance. 

Also, as a thank you to everyone — there’s a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram for the following:

Brand New PuffCo Pro Opal 

Brand New PuffCo Opal Power Dock

E&P Mini Hera

E&P Spark

Glob Mops XL Pack

Check the giveaway out on my Instagram! Good luck & thank you again! 



Hello there Collectors & Fans,

I am going on a quick hiatus. I’ve been going non-stop since Black Friday of last year, and I’m starting to find myself beyond a place of burn-out; it’s unfortunately causing me to injure myself and creating more second quality glass than is necessary. I need some time away from staring at the flame. I need some time in nature. I hope everyone can understand. I will be back very soon!

With immense respect,

Alexander Uritsky

Enjoy & Prosper



Addressing the following question: “Why isn’t the Artemis always in stock?”

Many of you amazing Collectors have been asking this question. The answer is— the Artemis is a very difficult piece of apparatus to create. It requires precision tight tolerances, and multiple cold working sessions: this poses a lot of risk for second quality Artemis’. So, due to this high risk rate of failure; I’ve been only accepting orders in batches so I don’t flood my orders, and unfortunately have everyone waiting months because of a string of failed Artemis’. I cannot allow that to happen to my Collectors. I promise to continue to drop them for everyone! Everyone will eventually get one— I promise! 



Crushing out orders at a steady rate! The Artemis will be back in stock once all remaining orders for them are out the door. The Spike will also be back in stock again shortly too! 
I will be switching to blowing glass at night again in 2-3 weeks depending on the temperature change. This nocturnal glassblowing change happens every spring/summer. I will be responding to all messages after 8pm, and working until 8am. 



Happy 420! New E&P Spark now available!
Also, the Artemis are back in stock— one day only. 



Shopify no longer supports my debit/credit card processor “Quickbook Payments”. I am working on a solution. Unfortunately, we have to stay with PayPal checkout for the time being. You can use your debit/credit through PayPal checkout.



Bam x E&P drop is being postponed. After great consideration, Bam and I have decided to postpone the drop to continue building inventory. With the recent Artemis drop being so over sold, and causing massive delays for my collectors— I cannot allow the same to happen with the Bam drop. We will continue to build stock until we feel comfortable to release them by utilizing product demand projections we have done. 

Also, check your email & junk folder for tracking, 20 boxes are being picked up today from UPS. Trackers were sent out Friday and Saturday. 



Hi there! Happy Friday! 

By popular request; The Mint Hera is now available for purchase! 

The Artemis will be on sale again closer to 4/20.

I’m still heavily backed up, but making great pace averaging around 3-4 packages complete each day. With the increased demand, I now have the UPS truck come to my facility to pick up stacks of boxes every Wednesday. This is such an honor and blessing to be able to scale my business to require such weekly services! With that said, 

YOU GUYS AND GALS ROCK! I appreciate everyone’s immense support; the orders have been none stop, and I love you guys so much— it’s means the world to me to have such high demand for my hand made pieces! You are truly a blessing, and I cherish each and every one of you! I am eternally grateful!

Now back to the torch! :) 
-With Love, Alex 



I wanted to pop in, and update everyone on production, and orders:

Let me start off by thanking everyone for your overwhelming support! It truly is mind blowing, and I am immensely grateful for each and everyone of you! I love you guys and gals with all my heart!

At this moment, I’m pretty backed-up with just under 100 orders— but I’m making great pace crushing them out. I appreciate everyone’s patience; it means the world to me as I continue to produce the highest quality glass possible.

Huge wave of Artemis’ (75% of ordered) are being dropped off to UPS this Wednesday. Tracking has already been sent out to those lucky collectors.

A ton of Heras and Apollos are prepped for assembly next week, expect tracking for those shortly in your inbox.

Customs are backed up right now, I am sorry. They take the most precise care and attention. Once again, I’m sorry about the delay. Message me about your custom status at any time.

Recyclers will be dropping 7/10.

If anyone has any questions, or would like to know their position in line, feel free to reach out to me at anytime.

With immense love and appreciation,
Alexander Uritsky
Enjoy & Prosper 


(Previous updates were displayed on top of the main product page. They were updated through-out the week & unfortunately weren’t saved after updating. This News & Updates page is now live; and I will be archiving all updates from now on. 2/24/2024)