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[Update 4/12]: Shopify no longer supports my debit/credit card processor “Quickbook Payments”. I am working on a solution. Unfortunately, we have to stay with PayPal checkout for the time being. You can use your debit/credit through PayPal checkout. 


[Update 4/10] :

Bam x E&P drop is being POSTPONED. After great consideration, Bam and I have decided to postpone the drop to continue building inventory. With the recent Artemis drop being so over sold, and causing massive delays for my collectors— I cannot allow the same to happen with the Bam drop. We will continue to build stock until we feel comfortable to release them by utilizing product demand projections we have done. 

4/20 Update: some cool stuff is coming out! Stay tuned— I am excited about this one! 

Also, check your email & junk folder for tracking, 20 boxes are being picked up today from UPS. Trackers were sent out Friday and Saturday. 

[Update 3/23] : 

Updates will now be made here instead of the homepage. These updates will be saved in chronological order, and never deleted— unfortunately, like past updates. 

[Update 3/22] :     

Hi there! Happy Friday! Update time! 

By popular request; The Mint Hera is now available for purchase! 

The Artemis will be on sale again closer to 4/20.

I’m still heavily backed up, but making great pace averaging around 3-4 packages complete each day. With the increased demand, I now have the UPS truck come to my facility to pick up stacks of boxes every Wednesday. This is such an honor and blessing to be able to scale my business to require such weekly services! With that said, 

YOU GUYS AND GALS ROCK! I appreciate everyone’s immense support; the orders have been none stop, and I love you guys so much— it’s means the world to me to have such high demand for my hand made pieces! You are truly a blessing, and I cherish each and every one of you! I am eternally grateful!

Now back to the torch! :) 
-With Love, Alex 


[Update 2/24] :

I wanted to pop in, and update everyone on production, and orders:

Let me start off by thanking everyone for your overwhelming support! It truly is mind blowing, and I am immensely grateful for each and everyone of you! I love you guys and gals with all my heart!

At this moment, I’m pretty backed-up with just under 100 orders— but I’m making great pace crushing them out. I appreciate everyone’s patience; it means the world to me as I continue to produce the highest quality glass possible.

Huge wave of Artemis’ (75% of ordered) are being dropped off to UPS this Wednesday. Tracking has already been sent out to those lucky collectors.

A ton of Heras and Apollos are prepped for assembly next week, expect tracking for those shortly in your inbox.

Customs are backed up right now, I am sorry. They take the most precise care and attention. Once again, I’m sorry about the delay. Message me about your custom status at any time.

Recyclers will be dropping 7/10.

Bam Margera collab is dropping 4/20. Huge event in NJ, more info coming soon.

If anyone has any questions, or would like to know their position in line, feel free to reach out to me at anytime.

With immense love and appreciation,
Alexander Uritsky
Enjoy & Prosper 



Instagram: EnjoyandProsperGlass