Mint Hera | Hand-Carved Focus Top
Mint Hera | Hand-Carved Focus Top
Mint Hera | Hand-Carved Focus Top
Mint Hera | Hand-Carved Focus Top
Mint Hera | Hand-Carved Focus Top

Mint Hera | Hand-Carved Focus Top

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The Mint Hera — the popular Hera in Mint; featuring exquisite hand-carved details, beveled edges, and facets. 

With excellent function— the Mint Hera is a preferred upgrade providing effortless vapor cooling & filtration.

The Mint Hera features a hand-carved, Art Deco style, Crystal Core percolation system. Allowing for unmatched light show effects & rainbow refractions. Simply, turn on your LED lights & enjoy! 

The Mint Hera has a three-hole Crystal Core percolation design. Each hole brilliantly integrated into the Art Deco hand-carved designs surrounding the crystal core. This achieves a sleek & classy aesthetic. Each of the three holes are precision carved for top-tier production, cooling, and filtration of vapor.

The Mint Hera’s main intake tube has a large flare, preventing water from escaping into your device in case of a small tip-over.

In case of a fall— the Mint Hera has longevity built in mind, and is made with extra thick glass through-out. The Mint Hera’s long-lasting durability and strength will surprise you.

The Mint Hera’s crystal core features additional facets for even more light effects. Your Mint Hera is then finished with a deep-carved star, easily visible from the mouthpiece. 

The Mint Hera’s mouthpiece & canister is finished with a 360° beveled-edge for a beautiful and elegant final product. 

The Mint Hera’s mouthpiece has an integrated no-splash-back design. Preventing water-sipping during use. 

Key Features 

  • 5.5 inches tall
  • Mint Color Crystal Core Percolator
  • Mint Color Mouthpiece
  • Art Deco Carved Crystal Core
  • One Carved Star
  • Multi-Faceted Edges
  • Beveled Mouthpiece and Canister
  • Three-Hole Percolation
  • Flared Intake Tube  
  • Built Thick and Heavy
  • No Splash-Back Design
  • Always Hand-Carved



Each Mint Hera is produced per order, satisfying its near-perfect quality requirements with strict individual care. Never rushed or mass produced.

Why is my top made to order? 

This is due to many reasons: the most important reason, is quality— I pride on near-perfect quality. Quality takes times, and rushing the process of flameworking and carving leads to improper wall thickness, air bubbles, crooked carved lines, strange carving depth discrepancies, ugly glass optics, and the worst being misaligned components.

With Enjoy & Prosper— you’re getting a near-perfect piece of glass, everytime! I will never sell a second quality, ever!  

Second biggest reason—

am physically unable to hold enough stock of product on the shelf. Whenever I get a group of glass on the shelf, they sell immediately through online sales. This is a blessing and a curse that I am grateful to combat with each passing business day. I’ve found that a make per order system has worked best to continue supplying a near-perfect quality product, with high demand, as a one man operation. 


What is ProsperCare Insurance?

ProsperCare Insurance, is the fastest & easiest way to protect your functional glass investment. A service provided by Enjoy & Prosper. 

With ProsperCare Insurance; any & all damage to your glass investment is covered for a two (2) year period, starting at delivery date. 

      For example, if your puppy accidentally knocks your e-rig over & the mouthpiece chips— kindly start a claim, and it will be replaced with a new one. 

Additional ProsperCare Info | (Click here)