“When you truly enjoy something— that’s life-long prosperity.” -Alexander Uritsky

Enjoy & Prosper was created by Alexander Uritsky in 2011, and became a legal business entity in 2016 as “Enjoy & Prosper, LLC”. 

Alexander Uritsky is the sole owner, glassblower, glass carver, and manager of all associated duties at Enjoy & Prosper, LLC.  

Alexander Uritsky, born 1994, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania— has been studying and practicing his passion of glass art for greater than a decade. 

Alexander is an entirely self taught glass-blower, lathe-worker, and glass-carver; experienced through many years of trial and error. Alex is specialized in hand carving glass— spending many hours each week perfecting his line work; and frequently joking about how “…it’s like tattooing glass!”. 

Starting in his teenage years, 2011, with the gracious blessing of his Dad’s back-yard tool shed. Alex began work on his glass journey.

In late 2011, Alexander secured his first glass torch, a humble Nortel Minor, purchased with the help of his brother, then upgrading to a Professional Carlisle CC torch in 2013, as his quality of work increased. 

Alex started his lathe-working journey in 2019. Proudly purchasing a beginner glass lathe in late 2019, then upgrading to a Professional SincTech Glass Lathe in 2021— his current set-up.

Proudly, winning a First Place victory at his first ‘CHAMPS Glass Games’ event in Spring 2022.

Following his victory, with immense gratitude, Alex became the First Sponsored Glass Artist with the renowned glass lathe company, ‘SincTech Lathes’.

Present-day, 2024; Alex continues his passion of creating beautiful and technical works of functional art in his Doylestown, Pennsylvania Commercial Studio. 


  1st Place

CHAMPS Glass Games, Atlantic City, 2022




Strict Age Requirement 

You MUST be 21 years of age, or older to purchase any product(s) from this site. 


How long will my order take to complete?

Orders may take up to 45 business days to complete. This is due to extreme high demand, and a limited capacity for production. (Unfortunately, I am only one guy.) 

Why is my top made to order? 

This is due to two reasons: first reason, is quality— I pride on immense quality. Quality starts with a personified experience. Whenever I make a product— it’s for you. Knowing your name; I show my absolute gratitude to you by dedicating my entirety into making a perfect top that you will build memories with through many years of use.

Another added benefit of being made to order; no one has touched your top before you do! When it comes out of the thousand degree kiln, after it’s cooled down and with gloves on it immediately gets put into its silk sleeve. You will be the first to touch it with bare hands. Pure hygiene and no finger prints or lips on your top! 

Secondly; I am physically unable to hold enough stock of product on the shelf. Whenever I get a group of tops on the shelf, they sell out immediately the same day. I’ve found that a make per order system has worked best to supply a quality hand made product with a high demand, as a one man operation with great success. 

Shipping Information

Enjoy & Prosper utilizes UPS Shipping. All boxes are picked up by the UPS Truck on Wednesday after 6pm EST at the E&P Facility. Please allow tracking 24 hours to updates after pick-up. 

Your tracking number will be sent to the email used at the time of checkout once your order is complete and packaged.

If you haven’t received your tracking number within 45 business days after your order has been placed, please contact me. 


Enjoy & Prosper does NOT offer any refunds or cancellations at this time. 


Enjoy & Prosper offers exchanges on products damaged during shipping. Its always recommended to video record the unboxing of any luxury glass products. 

Your damaged product must be sent back, and an exchange will occur for the same product, and sent back to you. Your return label will be emailed to you. 

If you need an exchange, please email at info@enjoyandprosper.com. 

ProsperCare Insurance

What is ‘ProsperCare’ Insurance?:

’ProsperCare’ Insurance is the easiest and fastest way to protect your luxury investment! If anything were to happen to your glass piece, just message me and I will replace it with a brand new one, right away! It’s as simple as that— and, it’s for a two year coverage, so you won’t have to worry anytime soon! 

Any glass product purchased with “ProsperCare Insurance”, within a two year period of purchase time, can be exchanged for a new identical product in case of any damages that may occur. 

Simply email me, or DM me with pictures of your damaged product. Dispose of it safely. I will send you a new one ASAP. Replacement tracking will be sent to the email used to start the claim. 

To start a claim; email:  info@enjoyandprosper.com

Or, use the “Chat with Us” icon, near the bottom left of the screen. 




Email: Info@EnjoyandProsper.com


                Enjoy & Prosper, LLC

                61 Quarry Road

                Unit 4

                Doylestown, PA