The Mint Hera | Hand Carved Focus Top
The Mint Hera | Hand Carved Focus Top
The Mint Hera | Hand Carved Focus Top

The Mint Hera | Hand Carved Focus Top

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The Mint Hera

The Mint Hera — featuring the same prestigious function of the Apollo. The only difference being the minimalistic hand carving aesthetics.

The Mint Hera features three scientifically drilled out holes allowing for optimal function, noticed by many as being a top of the line performer compared to others. 


Key Features: 

  • Dimensions: 5 inches tall 
  • Art Deco Hand Carved Mint Color Crystal Core Percolator 
  • Multi-Faceted Crystal Core Top Edge allowing for amazing light displays 
  • Beveled Mouthpiece and Upper Canister
  • Renowned Percolation. Chugger style, stacks bubbles wonderfully
  • 3 hole; precision drilled for ultimate function
  • No splash back into mouthpiece 
  • ULTRA THICK. Thickest top on the market 
  • Never any air bubbles or scratches in the glass

What You Will Receive

  • The Mint Hera 
  • ‘Enjoy & Prosper’ Stickers 



Your new Mint Hera is produced per order; satisfying it’s luxury status with strict individual care.

Your Mint Hera is produced exclusively by Alexander Uritsky, through-out all processes, including flame-working and hand carving.

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Why is my top made to order? 

This is due to two reasons: first reason, is quality— I pride on immense quality. Quality starts with a personified experience. Whenever I make a product— it’s for you. Knowing your name; I show my absolute gratitude to you by dedicating my entirety into making a perfect top that you will build memories with through many years of use.

Another added benefit of being made to order; no one has touched your top before you do! When it comes out of the thousand degree kiln, after it’s cooled down and with gloves on it immediately gets put into its silk sleeve. You will be the first to touch it with bare hands. Pure hygiene and no finger prints or lips on your top! 

Secondly; I am physically unable to hold enough stock of product on the shelf. Whenever I get a group of tops on the shelf, they sell out immediately the same day. I’ve found that a make per order system has worked best to supply a quality hand made product with a high demand, as a one man operation with great success. 


What is ‘ProsperCare’ Insurance?:

’ProsperCare’ Insurance is the easiest and fastest way to protect your luxury investment! If anything were to happen to your Mint Hera, just message me and I will replace it with a brand new one, right away! It’s as simple as that— and, it’s for a two year coverage, so you won’t have to worry anytime soon! 


Looking for a Custom Color Hera? Message the artist on Instagram to start the process of making your dream Hera Today! Just search for, EnjoyandProsperGlass. ONLY follow and message the Instagram handle with the blue check mark!