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Mystery Box by Enjoy & Prosper

   You’re unlike the others— you demand luxury glassware.

  You don’t waste your precious time, and resources on inferior products— and neither do I. 

  You expect a Mystery Box better and brighter than the rest, &  I absolutely understand you!

   So, I went ahead and tailored a one-of-a-kind Mystery Box experience for the Captains of Life, the Leaders, The Kings & Queens of this world…

…this Mystery Box is for YOU!



   Please let me know if you have a FOCUS V Carta 2, or PuffCo Pro in the check-out comment section. Please don’t forget to drop a hint on potential favorite colors you may have. All products in your mystery box are within my style range, feature hand carved details, always of highest quality no matter the tier, and could feature any color combination, with or without; Opals, Dichro, lined tubing, UV, and much more…  (To locate the comment section: Click Add to Cart, and Scroll up to the top right of the page, and click on the cart icon. You will find the comment section in the side panel that pops-up.) 

      “These Mystery Box’s are a fun way for me to utilize my creative expression. They allow me to surprise my Collectors with something truly interesting!”   
 - Alexander Uritsky


Your new Mystery Box is produced per order; satisfying it’s luxury status with strict individual care.

Your Mystery Box is produced exclusively by Alexander Uritsky, through-out all processes, including flame-working and hand carving.

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